FastBraces® for fast paced people.

  • Teeth Move Easily.  Friction is minimal using the Fastbraces Technology System.
  • Sensitivity and Pain is not an issue.   Research has shown low sensitivity or pain using the bracket system of Fastbraces®
  • Teeth are Safe.  Fastbraces® reduces the amount of time a patient is in braces and reduces the risk of root resorption. 
  • Everyone is a Candidate!  Fastbraces® can be used on children and adults!

Dr. King - Fastbraces ProviderIn Dr. King’s office located at 24 N. Loxahatchee Dr. in Jupiter you will find the smile results you hope for whether you need a basic realignment or an extensive smile makeover.

Dr. King knows that when you are happy about the way you look, it can positively affect your interpersonal relationships as well as your professional life.  If you are like most adults, you may have some apprehension about wearing braces for an extended period of time.  That is why you will feel so comfortable in the capable hands of Dr. King who we affectionately call the resident “Ortho Geek” because he loves his work so much!  Here at Jupiter Orthodontics we have effective orthodontic options which can change your smile in possibly as little as three months.

Patients experience minor discomfort and there are no more risks with Fastbraces® than those associated with traditional braces.  Additionally, the fact that the braces are on for less time means that there is possibly less chance of tooth decay due to improper oral hygiene.

Are You a Candidate for Fastbraces®?

Fastbraces® are a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure for adults and children. During your consultation, Dr. King will discuss your options with you and whether or not Fastbraces® are a good treatment choice for you.

You’ll also be happy to know that Fastbraces® comes with a clear option!  Fastbraces® Clear™ utilizes ceramic technology to offer a clear option to improve your smile.                          

The most important thing to remember is that while dentists may rely on assistants to see their Fastbraces® patients, that is not the case with Dr. King.  When you are in treatment at Jupiter Orthodontics Dr. King will personally assess your progress at every appointment.  Dr. King wants you to be treated by a specialist in orthodontics rather than a regular dentist.   A doctor who is a specialist has about 1,000 times more training in orthodontics than a dentist.  To become an orthodontist, this specialized training requires an additional 2 years of training once a doctor has become a dentist.  That’s quite reassuring with something as priceless as your smile.

Give us a call or use the request an appointment button above and schedule an appointment for your Fastbraces® consultation with Dr. King.

Before & After FastBraces

Kayla - Ten Months

before after

Jared - Twelve Months

before after

Angela - Twelve Months

before after

Alexzandrea - Thirteen Months

before after

Jessie - Ten Months


James - Thirteen Months


Alexandra - Nine Months


Kyle - Ten Months


Maddie - Ten Months


Frances - Eleven Months


Avery - Twelve Months


Julia - Twelve Months


Jacob - Ten Months


Janelle - Six Months


Jacob - Twelve Months


Melissa - Ten Months


Dominic - Ten Months


Linda- Twelve Months


Kacie - Twelve Months


Cassandra – Eight Months


Riley – Seven Months

before after

Daniel – Nine Months

before after

Jenelle – Nine Months

before after

Eric – Three Months

before after

Jessica – Eleven Months

before after

Tim – Seven Months

before after

Karen - Ten Months

before after

Emma - Six Months

before after

Marc - Four Months

before after

Alivia - Twelve Months

before after

Landon - Thirteen Months

before after

Jesse - Ten Months

before after