Smile It Forward

Many families in our area know what a fantastic orthodontist Dr. King is from personal experience, friends and his presence in our local schools… but there is more you should know.  For years and without fanfare, Dr. King has cared for the orthodontic needs of children in the community who are unable to afford treatment.  Through the program, Smile It Forward, launched in 2013, Dr. King is able to further his reach in improving the smiles of our youth.   For every 10 new cases starting treatment in Dr. King’s office, he will select a qualified candidate to receive complimentary orthodontic treatment. Treatment includes exam, X-rays, braces, diagnostics, consultation, retainers and follow up care.  Thus, providing a child who is at or below poverty level an opportunity they might not have been able to attain.

A goal of this program is to eliminate the random selection for free treatment (drawings, contests, etc) and provide help for children in real need.  

Do you know someone who might benefit from the Smile It Forward Program? Please share this information with them.

 Here is what is needed to apply for the Smile it Forward Program:

  • a head shot photo (5 X 7) with full smile and teeth showing, then email or mail to my office. (The 5 x 7 photo is a MUST)
  • Documents for proof of income can be handled by the family directly with our office.
  • Completed Smile It Forward application

Click here to download the application - [PDF]

  • Mail to: 24 N. Loxahatchee Dr. #4 Jupiter, FL 33458
  • Email to: with
    • SMILE IT FORWARD in the subject line.
  • There are three limitations:
    1. The certificate for free treatment is NOT transferrable in or outside the family that is selected.
    2. The child nominated cannot be a child already in treatment.
    3. Selection of any child is at Dr. King’s advisory board sole discretion.

Thank you for helping put Dr. King in contact with the children in our community who might benefit from this complimentary treatment and his care.

We are all in this together!