Video Testimonials

I am pleased that you have chosen my office for your orthodontic care. Regularly positive feedback is received from patients and I hope that you too, have heard some of the positive things said about my office from either your dentist or friends. It is my purpose to give each patient the finest orthodontic treatment available. Your confidence and interest are sincerely appreciated.

When I remove braces, my office routinely goes over the excellent results that I have delivered and ask that the patient or parent complete a questionnaire. We ask for criticism, compliments and suggestions. Your input is always welcome and to make that convenient, you will find below a brief survey for your comments, suggestions and/or compliments. I'm proud to share some of the feedback that we have received:



I love that Dr. King does things right the first time.  He knows each of his patients personally.  The entire team is friendly and genuinely interested in their patients.  Thanks to all of this and the results I received, I hightly recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking treatment!

Lauren M.


I recieved genuine service by all the office staff, as well as Dr. King.  The practice is well run and everyone is a team player. As soon as I would walk in the door, a team member would say hello and I was always given honest information. If you want an office with integrity and happy and friendly staff, Jupiter Orthodontics is your place!

-C. Collina


Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics is extremely nice and courteous. There was never a wait and my treatment has been very smooth. I sincerely recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking a beautiful smile.

-Lex T.


I appreciate that the Jupiter Orthodontics team always kept me informed during the orthodontic process.  They stressed oral hygiene education and "prevention" to help make the experience a postive one.  Both Dr. King and his team were always friendly and answered my calls promptly.

Jennifer M.



The service provided is great! There is nothing I would change about my treatment. Dr. King and his team are effecient and courteous, always.  We are very grateful and pleased that all three of our childeren were treated at Jupiter Orthodontics.

Maren H.


At Jupiter Orthodontics, the office is always welcoming and kid friendly, which made my brother feel comfortable.  The atmosphere is very organized and clean. The team understands that we had to work around school schedules and made it easy for us to make appointments. The entire office is marvelous!!



Jupiter Orthodontics has a very supportive team. It is fun for kids to receive treatment, they receive tokens for keeping up with their dental hygiene. The parents have coffee to sip on while they wait. It is an overall great experience!



The team at Jupiter Orthodontics is always friendly and professional. From day one, I was always informed of my treatment plan and offered any help/support that I needed.



Dr. King and his team were the best part of my orthodontic treatment.  There is nothing I would change about the practice.  The price was right, they are honest and do great work! My experience was fantastic.

Silka E.


Dr. King and his team are knowledgeable, friendly and organized.  I also thought all the celebrations (summer pool party, Kona Ice day..) were a cute touch.  My treatment proceeded nicely and the final result was what we desired.  Dr. King and his te4am all work over time to complete the treatment plan we first discussed.  Your mission statement says it best and I say "Thank You"

-Macy B.


The atmosphere at Jupiter Orthodontics is as wonderful as the outcome of my treatment. I was always kept informed and educated regarding my progress. I was happy with my entire experience.



I know my friends would have a great experience at Jupiter Orthodontics because I certainly did.  Dr. King and his team are accomodating, caring and pay special attention to every detail. I received excellent quality of care!

Holly M.


My entire experience was great. I received the best possible treatment and the office staff is very friendly and fast. Dr. King is amazing and the knowledge he has is unsurpassed.



Dr. King and his team are very professional. They always follow up to make sure treatment is going well and are genuinely interested in their patients.



Dr. King and his team provide great service and really make the patient feel comfortable.  All of the assistance are very patient, friendly and caring.  Their mission statement says it all!

Leah S.


Dr. King is very gentle and always listens to the patient. The office is a great team, stepping up to help each other with a commitment to keep up the best practice! The quality of treatment I received each visit was fantastic.



Everything the team at Jupiter Orthodontics does works! I would not change a thing about the practice! They have friendly staff with great attitudes!  I will tell everyone to go see Dr. King!

-Chad G.


Dr. King always kept me informed about my progress. The team is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking a beautiful smile!



Dr. King and his staff are perfect! They did not give up on me when everyone else wanted to.  I needed a doctor with extra skills to get my teeth perfect and that is what I got at Jupiter Orthodontics.  The entire team is caring and kind!

B. Stante



Dr. King and his team devoted a lot of time to me as a patient.  Everytime I came into the office, they all remembered me and treated me like I was part of the team.  I was always informed of my treatment progress and received excellent care.

Marcie H.


My daughter just completed her treatment with Dr. King and he was great about working with me regarding her anxiety.  Everyone in the office was really nice and Bella's teeth are straight now! I would definitely recommend Jupiter Orthodontics.



I was very happy with the service and quality of care I received at Jupiter Orthodontics.  I can't think of anything I would change. Dr. King is genuinely interested in his patients and his team is very friendly!

-T. Sledge


Dr. King has a reputation for excellent outcomes and he lives up to that reputation. His team is knowledgeable, competent and caring.  I am so grateful for the treatment and outcome that I received from Dr. King and Jupiter Orthodontics.


I never felt stressed or rushed at my appointments.  I appreciated how Dr. King greets each patient and gives personalized treatment to everyone he treats.  It is so easy to make an appointment and the care I was given was excellent!!

Emily B.


Jupiter Orthodontics has a family friendly atmosphere and the location is very convenient.  The appointments are effecient and the staff is very personable at each one.  I received excellent results from this caring and kind team.  Dr. King is gentle and always kept me informed of my progress.

A. Woodward


Jupiter Orthodontics provides fast and friendly service. Dr. King and his team are very experienced and knowledgeable.  My child received excellent quality of care!



Dr. King is known as your "After School Orthodontist" because he has convenient late hours twice a week. He truly cares about each patient. If you have to reschedule an appointment for any reason, it is no problem.



I appreciated the fact that Dr. King was not quick to put my daughter in braces. Jupiter Orthodontics is an overall great place and I hightly recommend Dr. King. I was always treated in a super nice, caring and understanding manner, even when we missed an appointment.

D. B.


I always felt comfortable at Jupiter Orthodontics. The appointment scheduling was a highlight and due to the amazing results I received...I highly recommend Dr. King!



Jupiter Orthodontics has a very caring and professional staff and is always striving to encourage community involvement and up to date practices.  Their mission is to make the patient HAPPY and create a beautiful, inspirational smile...they succeeded!

Kristi A.


I loved how caring and understanding the Jupiter Orthodontics team was during my treatment.  They are very knowledgable and did a great job on my teeth.

-Marcia B.


Dr. King is superb and has highly skilled practitioners on his team.  The front office is always helpful and very effecient. We appreciated how kind and accomodating they were during treatment.

Katarina O.


I really liked that Dr. King provided genuine care for my daughters.  He has created a family environment in his practice and I hope he continues to do that in the future.  The team is very friendly and helpful anytime we called with a question.

Brad W.


I received excellent quality of care at Jupiter Orthodontics. The treatment assistants were friendly and helpful. Dr. King is very helpful and really cares about his patients.



The Jupiter Orthodontics team is very knowledgeable. Their friendliness and ablility to accomodate schedule changes were great! The kids were always happy going.

J. Alvarado


We are 2nd generation patients with Dr. King and will be back with our younger son.  The service provided was top notch.  The staff and Dr. King are friendly and knowledgeable...we didn't' even consider going to another orthodontist.  Having the 10:00-2:30 discount option was an added bonus!!



I decided to have Dr. King treat me becasue he keeps up with the latest technology in orthodontics.  He is the BEST and does excellent work.  The team really knows what they are doing  and I can't believe how fast my treatment went.  Such a fun, easy going group of people...simply the best.

April P.


Dr. King and his team are very professional and still very friendly.  There were no surprises...treatment went as planned.  I highly recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment!

Ellen W.


I saw improvement in my daughter's teeth in just a couple of weekes. At our first consultation, we were made to feel like a friendship was formed.  There is always a happy atmosphere in the office, which we don't feel at our regular dentitst.  Keep up the good work, Jupiter Orthodontics and Dr. King!



We were so thankful for the friendliness of the Jupiter Orthodontics Team. They always kept us informed throughout the process and if we ever had an issue, they got us right in. Dr. King showed genuine interest in our son and provided excellent treatment.




Jupiter Orthodontics is a top notch office with a friendly staff and excellent patient care.  Dr. King gave me the outcome I was hoping for. I wouldn't change one thing about my experience and highly recommend Dr. King and his team to anyone looking to improve their smile!



We really appreciated the flexibilty and timeliness of our appointments. The assisntants were knowledgable, courteous, effecient and fast.  You really understood that they are a team and always worked to help each other out.  Dr. King is genuinely interested in his patients and gave us excellent care. I am very pleased with my son's results.

-T. MacFarlane


I really appreciated that Dr. King had a plan of care at my initial consult and that plan remained on schedule. My appointments were prompt, flexible when necessary and the office hours were very conducive to my busy schedule.  I received outstanding ortho treatment with rapid results and innovate care.  Thank you, Jupiter Orthodontics!



My daughter received excellent treatment from Dr. King and his team.  We received a very thorough explanation of treatment for my daughter's Class 3 bite.  Everyone was so helpful and truly cared that she receive the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Dr. King!

Jennifer M.


Dr. King, his office staff and his treatment assistants are all very friendly and helpful.  They take a genuine interest in all of their patients.  I would sinceretly recommmend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone looking to receive excellent treatment.



Doctor King is the BEST! We had complete confidence in him during the course of my daughter's treatment. I tell everybody that Dr. King is the best orthodontist in Jupiter!

E. Ellison


My favorite part about being treated by Dr. King was how friendly and prompt they were. I always knew what was going on with my treatment. It really feels like you are part of their family while you are being treated!

-Emily M.

I was very grateful for the accurate treatment timeline I was given. The staff is compassionate and friendly and Dr. King provides excellent care.

-A. Morales

Dr. King and his team are very helpful with answering my questions and are always courteous and accomodating. After seeing my results, I would recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone seeking to have an improved smile.


The best reason for seeing Dr. King, besides a beautiful smile, is how friendly the staff is.  We will be back as soon as our youngest is ready for braces!

-Elizabeth M.


Dr. King and his staff are friendly and fast. They always welcomed me with a smile and made sure I was kept informed about my treatment plan and progress.

-Paul C.


Dr. King and his staff always listened to me when I had a question about my son's treatment or wanted something explained.  They made my child feel comfortable and safe. As a parent, that is so important.

-B. Sawyer


Jupiter Orthodontics provides awesome service and everyone is so kind.  Dr. King and his staff are very knowledgeable and show genuine interest in all of their patients.



Dr. King and his staff are very pleasant and empathetic.  They genuinely cared about making my experience a postive one. I highly recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to everyone I know.




My appointments were always prompt and on time, I never had to wait.  I feel like my treatment flew by, it was great! The staff is fantastic!



Everyone in the office is so friendly and caring. Dr. King and his team are very knowledgable and their expertise is unsurpassed. 



Dr. King and his staff are very friendly and knowledgable.  My son was always treated gently and they took time to care for him at every visit.  I am so pleased with the final outcome of my son's smile! I highly recommend Jupiter Orthodontics to anyone looking to find the best orthodontist for themselves or their child!

-Jen B.


Everyone at Jupiter Orthodontics is friendly and they always get you in for appointment times that work for you...especially emergencies! I loved how friendly Dr. King and his team are!

-Meghan H.


I had a very challenging case and Dr. King created an end result that makes me feel fantastic. The staff is always professional, both in person and on the phone.



My child loved the wooden coin reward system that encourages proper care for the braces/teeth.  Dr. King and his staff pay close attention to taking care of the patient and we achieved great results.

-Evalyn T.

 The entire office, including Dr. King are very nice. I was always treated well and I appreciated the excellent care I received at Jupiter Orthodontics.



The office is clean, the staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. We never felt rushed when we had an appointment and the team did a great job relating to my son. We will continue referring our friends to Dr. King!

-Mandy H.

I received excellent care at Jupiter Orthodontics. Something I appreciated most was that Dr. King did not push the double treatment phases on me. I am very satisfied with my treatment!

-Madelyn P.

Dr. King is very active in the community and has been providing great care for many years.  He is genuinely concerned with each patient. The staff is very warm and inviting with flexible office hours. Overall, our experience from beginning to end was AWESOME!!!

-Kallie M.

Jupiter Orthodontics is a small, local Jupiter office with a great staff.  The warm friendly environment and my end results made my experience wonderful!

-Reilly B.

Dr. King and his team are very gentle and everyone is so nice.  I will certainly be referring my friends to Jupiter Orthodontics.

-Ashley H.

Dr. King's staff is very prompt and I truly received excellent care.  There is nothing I would change about my entire experience!


The office staff is very nice and the appointment reminders they send out are so helpful! Even when I needed to reschedule an appointment,  they always accomodated me.  Dr. King is great, he always explained what he was doing and let me know how my treatment was going.


Dr. King's team is very friendly. I appreciated the short wait times for my appointments, too!

-Alicia K.

I was very pleased with my overall treatment. My appointments were always prompt and I am happy with my results.


Dr. King and his staff are very informative and always friendly! I am so happy with my straight teeth. As far as the service I received...perfection!

-Dawn D.

Dr. King has a strong eye for detail and my treatment was very well thought out.  I love that he is a perfectionist that insists on only the best for his patients!

--Emily C.

Dr. King respects my time.

By Diana G.

 "Mostly I love the friendly atmosphere.  That staff is just so personable.  The office is clean, you run on time, you’re knowledgeable and so is your staff.   We really felt cared about in your office.   What is most important to me is that you took the time to see my daughter through your Smile It Forward program.  Not only did you fix her teeth but you fixed her self esteem.  Dr. King, you gave me my daughter back and that is PRICELESS.  I will never forget that.  Thank you so much." 

The Right Choice

"This is the doctor and staff you want working with you to make your smile perfect. That's a promise. Seriously, you walk in and in under 5 minutes you are being seen. We started out with my daughter and her serious problem teeth. The results are what REALLY matter, but the journey there with Dr. King, Donna & Ashley was actually FUN! Her smile is beautiful and her confidence has increased with her new look. My son was next and he too had real issues. Not issues for Dr. King though. Another great job and the same resulting self-assurance. I underestimated how much the improvement helped with self-esteem. Believe it or not, I was next to get braces and love what Dr. King did for my smile also. I cannot say enough to thank him or to encourage you to make him your choice for orthodontics!"  M.T.N.

Would You Recommend?

By Health Grades, Inc.

Based on hundreds of responses, when asked if they would recommend Dr. King to family and friends, HealthGrades users on average responded 'Definitely yes.'

An Ortho Nerd?

"Before starting treatment, I had lots of questions. Dr King was patient and seemed to really enjoy explaining my problem and how he could correct it. I think he really likes what he does, so I would recommend him as an orthodontist. He's respected and well-known in our community and has a lot of experience. I mean it as a compliment when I say he is an ortho nerd who is really in to his work and his patients. The staff makes it a fun place to visit. I didn't anticipate enjoying trips to the orthodontist! They take good care of their patients and families."  Patty G.

Google review by TutenWoman

"I had braces when I was 14 and like most kids I'm sure, I didn't wear my retainer. My teeth weren't that bad but were in much need of straightening. Dr. King told me it would take about 3 months and a little over 3 weeks later I was getting them off. I was shocked with what a difference it made, I just had to write a review and let everyone know. The office was so nice when making appointments and helped me with a payment plan. I would recommend this office to anyone. Young or old. I'm trying to talk my husband into braces, but he's chicken.

3-2018 "The entire staff is super nice and helpful. The best part about Dr. King's office besides the nice people is how great my teeth look after receiving treatment." Courtney M

3-2018  "I love Jupiter Orthodontics because it feels like we are part of their family. The staff is amazing and I was always sure I was receiving the best care."  X.Crow

2-2018  "Our testimonial is a list! Friendly, knowledgeable, good communication smiley confidence!  All  staff is amazing!  Very kind, loving and knowledgeable." Jackson B.

2-2018  "We are happiest that we chose this office because of the great staff.  Gold star for results." Owen F.

1-2018  FIVE STAR Eliana C.

1-2018  "We love the warm atmosphere.  Your staff is so very helpful.  Her teeth are so much imporved."  M.E.

11-2017  "I love not feeling rushed.  Very professional and friendly.  Every adjustment was gentle."  Chris M.

10-2017 "I will recommend you. I like your approach of waiting until we are ready instead of putting braces on too early. "  M. R.

9-2017  The friendly atmosphere in this office is what wins our heart. This is a staff that is second to none.  There is always personal attention when you come here for treatment."  L.S.

8-2017 "You have been very accomodating with evening appointments as we travel quite a way to your office.  The staff is wonderful and Dr. King is a great orthodontist."  Megan C.

8-2017  "Five out of Five stars."  R.M.

7-2017  "I love the friendliness and quickness of treatment in your office.  If anyone asks where to go for orthodontics I will refer them to you office and tell them to just look at my teeth!  Such an amazing job."  Mrtn W.

7-2017  "I love that everyone was nice and gentle every time I came in.  Everything you do is amazing.  This office was amazing from the first day, everyone was already as happy as I was to  be here! If someone I know needs and orthodontist I will definitely tell them to come here.  I'm glad I picked this office!  Thank you for all your help.  I LOVE MY SMILE!  Ashley C.

7-2017  "I can't think of anything you could improve on.  I love the overall friendliness of your staff and doctor.   Treatment results are all I need to motivate referrals to your office."  Amber S.

7-2017  "Your office is neat and clean and the decor is pleasing and FUN!  Most important to me is the efficient, pleasant and well thought out treatment you provide.  The office is a bit crowded at times but the practice is great! Also important is the way Dr. King listens and speaks to my son and me.  He explains things well without feeling rushed.  I will refer all my friends to Dr. King."  Jimmy A.

7-2017  " Mostly we love the prompt appointment time with skilled assistants.  Everyone in your office provides personal attention and is GREAT.  You made us happy with her teeth being perfectly straight.  Whoop  Whoop.  Thank you."  Gabby M.

7-2017   "We love the one on one treatment; one doctor every time.  Treatment is great but it's that personal only one doctor who knows my child well that is most important.  We love this place :)  Audrey A.

6-2017  " You are a solid five stars across the board.  Warm and friendly and my son's teeth look great."  R. E.

6-2017  "In your office I feel informed and that the kids are treated individually; which I like.  I would like to see a discount for moms whose children are in treatment.  My kids straight teeth & beautiful smiles really motivate me to refer friends to your office.  Your treatment is consistent and kind and I feel that care is individualized."  J. R.

6-2017  "Your office is perfect the way that it is; I wouldn't change a thing."  C. B.

6-2017   "My family was treated well in your office and it is nice to see that the everyone in your office gets along well.  Especially appreciated is the promptness on each visit. Most important to me is your attention to detail which shows up clearly in the results.  The only thing I could think of that would improve service in your office would be to provide a pedicure during appointments!  Just Kidding!”  V. I.

5-2017  "You and your staff are genuinely interested in your patients.  Your staff is always courteous when we call and they know what they are talking about.  We appreciate that you stress oral hygiene and explain the treatment process along the way.  Thank you Dr. King." Will N.

5-2017  " Treatment in your office is efficient and I feel you make sure it's done properly."  Morgan M.

5-2017   "The short of it is that we love the speedy visits, the friendliness and the high standard of care.  Your office reflects you Mission Statement."  N.M.

5-2017  "We love Donna and Ashley!  We love the treatment we get each time we come to this office.  I appreciate that Dr. King takes the time to review the case before telling me what we should do.  Lindsey's new smile is all the motivation I'll need to tell friends that your office is the place to go."  C.F.

5-2017  "I am very happy and satisfied with my Invisalign  treatment at Dr. King’s office. He is very knowledgeable and guided me through the whole treatment. He is very well mannered and I’m excited to see him during all my visits, he's very patient answers all of my questions and concerns. His staff is very  efficient and stays on schedule."  V. R.

4-2017  "Dr. King and his staff have tremendous experience but clearly remain very current with existing technology and treatment options.  I can’t think of a single thing I would change in your office.  I am happy we chose your office because of the before / after results. J  Although it is a very busy practice, we never once felt rushed of “like a number” when there.  I’ll refer people t o your office because of the friendliness of staff, professionalism and results. You have an absolutely perfect Mission Statement.” Lauren T

3-2017  "You ask what we liked about your office and what we would improve.  We love everything and everyone.  It's unique to find an entire group of people all with positive attitudes and working together with genuine affection.  Bottle that and sell it!  Don't change a thing."  L. S.

3/2017"I love everything about your entire office and staff.  Your staff is so genuinely awesome."  Anon

2/2017 Your best quality is helpfulness.  Always striving to do your best and make sure my children have beautiful teeth.”  Elizabeth R.

2/2017  "One thing I love about your office is that it is quiet, calm and alwasy tidy.  Everyone is so super friendly and organized.  The communication between the office staff is great!  You guys are flexible with schedule changes!  That means a lot.  Keep being awesome! "  Elizabeth M.

1/2017  “A doctor’s demeanor and experience is what means the most to me and makes for a good decision for orthodontic treatment.  You should know that we have referred many families to your office.”  Abigail B.

1/2017  "Unlike some of the others we have checked out your office is always kind, efficient and both doctor and staff are all efficient.  Don’t change a thing!  J  You are all very patient.  It is this very thing that makes me happy to recommend your office to everyone in need of orthodontics.” Ronald. N.

1/2017  "Who doesn't want to be where everyone is friendly!  Everyone is helpful and that makes me feel appreciated as a paient.  AND I LOVE how my teeth look.  Thanks"  J.M.

1/2017  "What I like most about your office is that you have friendly staff and a friendly doctor who all keep a positive atmosphere.  You are a solid ten when it comes to excellent treatment of your patients."  S.S.

12/2016  "Unlike some of the others we have checked out your office is always kind, efficient and both doctor and staff are all efficient.

12/2016  "Treatment in your office is always excellent.  The most important thing I find in your office is that it's always happy.  You're staff is the best."  V. Southe

12/2016  "You have a very nice staff whose ability to communicate is very clear.  I was spoken to after each visit to keep me informed.  You take excellent care and show extreme accuracy of my children’s teeth being perfect.”  Jordan W.

11/2016  "Your office has such a caring atmosphere- you take time for all of my questions, no matter how little and answer them completely. You all cared for my daughter and for that, I thank you all!"

11/2016  " I love your on time service, seriously NO WAITING. Who does that??!!Your staff is always smiling, king and gentle."  Riley O.

11/2016  "I especially appreciate the communication between my son, myself, the assistants and the doctor.  I felt very informed of his progress."  Casey L.

10/2016  "Aside from so many other things, we loved the chairs in your clinic.  Your staff is prompt and kind.  A larger waiting room would be nice though."  M. R.

10/2016  "Thank you for our treatment always being very prompt and the staff and doctor always being very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.  I appreciate the late day appointments." Kaitlyn R

9/2016  "A SOLID FIVE STARS!"  Kayliegh C.

9/2016  "The process was easy and my child felt good about the experience."  Richard P

9/2016  "This has been an overall POSITIVE experience.  We really appreciate the thorough process that we received - we only want to do this once!" J. W.

9/2016  "Simply to me, you guys are the best.  I would refer to you in a heartbeat."  Darla A.

8/2016  "The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful.  Don't change a thing.  The sense of genuine concern and care really made us feel appreciated and we are happy we chose your office."  Rita B.

8/2016  "Your staff is so nice and informative each time I had questions.  It was the good things we heard about the doctor and staff that brought us to you.  The end result is what brought us great satisfaction.  Melissa W.

8/2016  "You are the best ortho abailable in 1,000 mile radius."  Hunter H.

8/2016  "What I like most about your office is the ease of everything.  You have a friendly, caring staff that truly cares about us."  Avery M.

7/2016  "I have to comment on the peacrful atmosphere and friendly staff.  Keep up what you are doing!"  Eric F.

7/2016 "You really know how to make the patient feel at ease.  I tell friends about what a great staff you have."  R. M.

7/2016  "I wish there were numbers higher than 1-5!  Without hesitation we recommend this office to everyone.  We really appreciate the time, attentiveness, detail and ensuring the very best care and outcome.  You really care about Dylan’s comfort level and accommodating his requests, questions and sharing details of his care.  We love just about everything, but especially Dr. King’s expertise of course!”  Lynne M.

7/2016  "We were always able to speak with  Dr. King after each visit.  We appreciate such good communication on the progress."  Michelle M.

6/2016  "Dr. King has a staff that is very communicative and caring.  We are usually promptly seated for treatment.  A few times we waited 15 minutes which was not a big deal.  He has a caring nature for his patients and is very decisive.  We were not overwhelmed with decisions.  I appreciate their resolute reinforcement of good oral hygiene. "  Gary S.

6/2016  "What makes a person feel special in a doctors office?  You called my home to see how my daughter was doing after she got her braces placed.  Talk about professionalism.  This is an office I will freely tell my friends to go to."  Sabrina D.

6/2016  “Both Dr. King and his staff were always patient and good at expl;aining everything.  I never ever felt rushed or hurried by anyone.  I am happy to tell everyone about you because I Know that this office provides genuine care to all patients.”  Julie T.

6/2016   "Your office is set up very efficiently and has a clean comfortable environment." C.S. 

6/2016  "I love that you have late days. It is most helpful for our schedules.  The most important thing to our family was that you and your staff always took the time to explain what was and would be happening and the progress of treatment.  The results were great and when there was an issue we could count on being seen immediately." 

5/2016  "We will recommend you to all our friiends and family and have already done so!  Thank you for everything." Angyro G

5/2016  "Dr. King did an amazing job.  I never had to wait to be seen." Nichole W. 

5/2016  "You reflect your mission statement because the job is done accordingly with the years of experience and friendliness."  Jarad S.

5/2015  "While I wish the office was a little larger, those other offices that are like a kids playground don't compare to your talent.  You have clear communication at all times."  anon

4/2016  "The thing that would most make me want to refer people to your office is the consistant service and the way treatment is done.  Atmosphere is important but it isn't what counts the most."  Saija J.

4/2016  "Suffice to say that we had treatment for our oldest son and came back for treatment with our youngest.  Results count."  anon

4/2016   "Dr. King is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly as are his staff.  They are always so sweet and friendly.  I especially enjoy the quarterly child orthodontic progress if we have not seen you that much."  Hannah D.

3/2016  " Everyone "ALWAYS" is genuinely polite and efficient at their jobs.  You are all warm and welcoming all the time."  Stephen B

3/2016  "I love that everyone remembers me and is always so friendly.  The level of expertise is apparent and everyone there is easy to engage in conversation."  Justin M.

3/2016  "Let's see, what I like most about treatment with Dr. King is...everybody and everything!  The environment there is very welcoming.  We are extremely pleased with treatment and affordability."  Goldie D.

2/2016  "An earmark of your office is the level of personal care and specific attention.  Only FREE service could be better than what we are receiving right now!  As a parent, I love that you give back to the community."  Walker B.

2/2016  "The most important aspect of treatment with Dr. King is that my daughter has a beautiful smile!"  Anon

1/2016  "Thank you for all you do for your patients.  Dr. King is great and his staff has real integrityand consistency.  All of this at a reasonable cost.  Quality exceeds cost every time."  Anon

1/2016  "What is important to me is the prompt, courteous treatment.  The staff seems genuinely happy to be there and extremely patient focused.”  Anon

12/2015  "Everything about treatment is important to us but we love that we are getting excellent service, friendliness and cheerful staff.  They all give excellent care and have genuine concern for our questions."  Anon

12/2016  "Thank you Dr. King for completing treatment in one phase when everyone else recommended two phase treatment."  Allison T.

11/2015  "If you're looking for teeth that look straight, you could go anywhere.  If you want straight teeth, done properly with no complications, you need to see Dr. King."  Cath

11/2015  "Here's a rare thing, prompt appointments.  Thanks for that."  Jacob K.

10/2015  "Only once did we have to wait for a few minutes.  The knowledge and friendliness of everyone in the office is what we like the most.  They care; it shows."  Catherine O.

10/2015  "The doctor kept me informed of treatment all the way through.  I'll definitely efer to your office."  A.P.

9/2015  "A SOLID 5 OUT OF 5 STARS.  I love that there is no waiting and the service is good.  S. B.

7/2015   "Dr. King and the staff connect well with their patients and go beyond treatment with incentives and fun activities.  Your office atmosphere is happy, well organized and a pleasure to be a part of.  Dr. King genuinely cares about each patient and their orthodontic needs.  He does so with style, flare and professionalism."  Marge B.

7/2015   “I feel like I have put my daughter in the best hands.  Everyone is always so very friendly.   Every aspect from beginning to end has been wonderful.  I’ve already referred several people to your office!”  Amy G

7/2015  “Everyone in your office is always pleasant and helpful.  Your service is A++ - you guys & gals rock!  My daughter loved the staff, environment, Dr. King and the “Smell” of the office.”   Briana S.

6/2015  “Dr. King changed my life.  I would have never had this opportunity had it not been for him.  I’m forever grateful.”  A Smile it Forward patient.

5/2015  “Definitely 5 star office.  When asked what I like most about treatment in your office, immediately I think of the friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable atmosphere that exists there.  That is second only to the great communication regarding my daughter’s progress.  It is the excellent results that makes me motivated to tell others about your office.”  Paulie G.

4/2015  "What we like most about this office is the friendly, courteous staff which makes each visit fun and not a burden. The fact that this has been an enjoyable experience made me appreciated my decision to come to this office.  My daughter's teeth are the most important thing and they look GREAT!"  K.G.

3/2015  "Your greatest asset is how friendly and helpful everyone in your office is.  As a doctor I appreciate your extensive practical experience and being knowledgeable along with your friendly demeanor."  D.

2/2015   "“This is an honest and trustworthy office.  I am most impressed that the doctor called me personally to check on my kids when they were in treatment as well as me.    What doctor does that?  Wow.” Amy M.

2/2015  "This is an honest and trustworthy office

2/2015  "I will always refer to your office because of the nice environment and how friendly the entire staff has been."  U.M.

1/2015  "Some procedures were rougher than others but they were handled with care and compassion."  W.G.

 12/2014  "Other offices like to show off their decor.  You have a solid office with talent, concern and are reasonable.  That's the stuff that counts."  Mac

12/2014 "You make us feel like family!!" "Everything about how we are treated makes us feel really happy we chose this office." P.O.

11/2014 "I love the flow of your office. All questions were answered honestly and promptly which is why I already refer people to your office." S.R.

11/2014 "Dr. King's staff is amazing - friendly, knowledgeable & always willing to answer questions. You asked how I felt you could improve but I think the way the office is run is fantastic. My children's teeth are proof of how great Dr. King and his staff are..." S.C.

10/2014 "I like the most the great and genuine care! Most importantly we appreciate such nice staff and how Dr. King saw Victoria for 1 1/2 years absolutely free before he felt she was ready for braces. Thank you ALL for everything!" E.B.

10/2014 "The value is amazing. Dr. King realizes that it's a big investment and doesn't take advantage. To me the most important aspect of this office is the friendly and positive attitude." T.R.L.

10/2014 " Staff is friendly and professional. Dr. King takes time to make your smile perfect." J.K.

9/2014 "It's nice to walk in an office where the staff and doctor are always pleasant and professional. There is a lot to say about this office... where to start?! The ease of making and changing appointments is refreshing. You are quick to respond to problems and made easy financing available." E. C.

9/2014 "You're a 5 on a scale of 1-5 ! Your office is so clean and your staff is so friendly and compassionate; I have no complaints. Donna (so funny), Regina and Melissa are so sweet from the minute you walk in the door. I'M VERY HAPPY WITH MY SMILE. This is a great place to go!!" S.D.

8/2014 "The thing I like most about this office is the great staff!" "Initially the most important thing about going to your office was that my dentist recommended you. Once here, it was how wonderful Dr. King and his staff are."

7/2014  "Treatment in your office is fast and easy! You let the patient know what you are doing. What is most important to me in your office is that there are happy faces and a friendly doctor."

6/2014  "NO WAITING. Friendly people. Nuf said." D.H.

5/2014   "On the one to five scale you are a solid 5! I like how caring and patient/gentle everyone has been. They made the braces process amazing for me :). First off, everyone is so warm and welcoming but also Dr. King is the wisest and kindest Dr. around. Anyone could see that :) I have already referred you to many people."

4/2014 "It may be selfish, but what I like most is the minimal waiting in your office."

3/2014  "Dear Dr. King, Ashley and Staff, Thank you for your time and the opportunity to come in and speak with you. I am so excited to be entering the field of dental health. I know orthodontics is where I want to be and I owe much of that to you. My orthodontic experience was so positive because of the compassion, enthusiasm and team spirit I saw in your office. Even as a kid with braces, your passion for dental health made an impact on me! I appreciate your encouragement now, as I did back then! Sincerely, Mollie"

1/2014    "Dear Dr. King, Thank you from our whole family for your caring expertise taking care of Rocky's teeth. We feel so lucky to have had you as Rocky’s orthodontist. With thanks and best wishes, Audrey and Rocky Howard.

11/2013   "What we loved about your office was that we got exactly what we expected. Both my children came away feeling good about themselves and their smiles. Thanks and we will remember you every time we see their smiles!"

9/2013  "All of our questions were answered and treatment was exactly what you said it would be. Thank you for being an accomplished orthodontist and providing results my son is really proud of. Yes, we will tell all our friends."

7/2013  "Whether a doctor's office or dental office or business office of any kind.... we have never seen teamwork like you have created in your office. Thank you for my child's perfect smile!"

6/2013  "Our whole family really wants to thank you for your expert treatment. Your staff is second to none and we enjoyed each visit to your office."

3/2013 "Everyone in this office took the time to know me personally and cared about my comfort and THE GIRLS ARE SO MUCH FUN! I'm motivated to tell people about this office because of the results and the caring way the staff treated me."

2/2013 "It's not often that everything pulls together so perfectly. Dr. King is good at his job and has a staff that is second to none."

1/2013 "Dr. King and his staff treat everyone with respect and give personal attention. My girls smiles motivate me more than anything when telling people about your office."

11/2012 "Everyone is very friendly and works well together. Showing the difference in my teeth should motivate others to come to this office."

10/2012 "The nicest thing about treatment in your office is how nice the staff alwalys is. You get close to them and they are almost like family. Some offices may need incentives for referrals but not you."

10/2012 " All of your staff treat my daughter as a person, not just a patient. You provide fun entertainment for the kids. I'm happy that I chose your office because you work so hard at providing the best treatment for each of us - correctively and financially. The results are great and motivating. Believe me, I tell all my friends they need to be in Dr. King's office not only for the results but for the fun the kids have. They love coming! Whew, how nice for a change."

10/2012  "Where to begin! Treatment in your office is always prompt and always helpful. I wish there were a column 6 because 1 to 5 doesn't cover it. Each child is genuinely treated with care and you aim for perfection and don't settle until it is truly great. Such professionalism and never having to wait for each appt - often early. And FABULOUS teeth!"

10/2012  " I love your on time service, seriously NO WAITING. Your staff is always smiling, king and gentle."

10/2012  " waiting is high on my list of priorities. You make that happen. Thanks."

9/2012  "You called my home to see how my son was doing after getting his braces on and I was so impressed. Who does that nowadays?! It was a level of care that really confirmed that we were in the right place and were going to be taken very good care of. Thanks Dr. K."

9/2012  "What I like the most in your office is the courtesy and friendliness of everyone. I feel appreciated when I come because of your staff's efforts and your professionalism."

9/2012  "What I like most about treatment in your office is the fact that everything was explained throughout the entire process. We never have to wait and your staff is so caring."

9/2012  "When I refer people to your office I am sure to tell them about the kindness of all and how we are able to relax because we know you and your team will make everything perfect."

8/2012  "My daughter likes being treated like a real person and not a set of teeth. Your staff is the best."

8-2012  "I especially like that you extend common courtesies with professional treatment."

7/2012  "What we like most is that we are made to feel very comfortable and like part of the family. The only thing you could do better would be to have breakfast ready when we arrive!"

7-2012  "The most important aspect of your office is your reputation and your cleft lip/palate experience."

6/ 2012  "There are always smiling faces and a cheerful staff every time we come to your office. Who wouldn't love that?!"

4-2012  "You and your staff do an excellent job. We especially love being seen on time!"

5/2012  "Patty is always very nice to me. Such care and genuine interest in my child is reassuring. We love your contests too!"

4/2012  "Thanks for being honest. You promise a 5 minute wait and you keep to it. I am happy to be in your office because you are trustworthy."

4/2012  "... we love your willingness to be flexible with scheduling appointments."

3/2012  "I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the job you have done with Collin's teeth. We are so thankful for the miracle work that you have done.....His teeth are more beautiful that I have ever seen. Before he had braces, he would try to smile with his mouth closed or would cover it. Now he smiles with his mouth wide open, proudly showing off his perfect smile. You and your staff are wonderful..."

3/2012  "We received your telephone message asking how Jeb was doing. We want to thank you for being a caring professional. You and your entire staff are kind to our children and treat them and us with respect. You are accommodating to our needs and we appreciated you.... You have enriched our four children's lives with the gift of beautiful smiles and in doing so have uplifted their self esteem. Thank you."

2-2012  "The people are always very friendly and professional. My kids look forward to their visits!"

2/2012  "The office help and the assistants are all great with the kids. Everyone is always polite and helpful!"

12/2011  "The staff and Dr. King appear to enjoy their work. They project positive, up, caring personalities. They listen and respond accordingly. The office is clean and orderly."

12/2011    "I am always greeted by name when I come to your office; what a refreshing change. Your office provides such personal service and we were always treated with such respect. We live quite a distance away from your office and it was worth the trip. I would not hesitate to refer to your office. Thanks for Jesse's beautiful smile."

12/2011    "Prompt results. Precision orthodontics. What else is there to say!"

11/2011   "You rate a solid 10 in every category there is to rate! The thing I like most about the treatment received in your office is seeing Joseph smiling with straight teeth. What would most likely make me refer others to your office is the friendliness of you and your staff."

11/2011  "Something I really like is that your office is so friendly. I'm never rushed when we come in and time is taken to answer all of my questions. The end results are excellent and the process was professional. It was a pleasant experience and THAT is a compliment!"

11/2011  "Such consistent and top notch care. What a professional, friendly and caring staff. Yes, I will tell my friends about you."

11/2011  "Amazingly, I can't think of a thing you could do to make visiting your office any more pleasant that it is now. I feel like Delaney got the best care possible. I tell everyone that you guys are the best there is. Thank you Dr. King."

10/2011  "Everything is taken care of with such efficiency; it is a pleasure. Your staff reflects your qualities of caring and professionalism."

10/2011  "Friendliness and honesty."

10/2011  "The staff is friendly and always trying to work with patients on after-school appointments. Dr. King has a friendly manner with the kids; they like him!"

10/2011  "The staff is wonderful!"

9/2011  "Everyone was always very friendly, courteous and efficient. We recommend your office to all of our friends."

9/2011  "Please make a larger sheet for this answer- I've admired the marketing in regard to the complete devotion to the comfort and care of the patient. The parties, free coupons and promotions for the children are great. The prompt, efficient and knowledgeable help in all aspects. Thank you for calm patience with questions and confusion. Thank you for the kind and assuring letters in reference to any items that would concern a patient or his/her parent (AIDS information letter)."

9/2011  "The people are great, kind, caring, funny and fantastic. Nothing can get any better!"

8/2011  "The caring atmosphere- all of my questions, no matter how little, were answered. You all cared for my daughter and for that, I thank you all!"

6/2011  "It doesn't get any better! A most pleasant and satisfying experience!"

5/2011  "Dr. King and his staff are wonderful! They are very pleasant and caring individuals and I am very happy with the results and most pleased with the service received by my son."

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